Economic Justice for All New Yorkers

Economic Justice for All New Yorkers

Rebuilding our City in the Wake of Covid

In a time when the physical health, economic security and civil rights of so many of us hang in the balance, Senator Kevin Parker will fight to rebuild our city and secure a more safe and prosperous future for all New Yorkers.

About Kevin Parker

State Senator Kevin S. Parker is a prominent New York State Legislator who is distinguished as a savvy strategist, brilliant intellectual and an elder statesman. His political prowess evident from the moment he was seated in the New York State Senate in 2002 resulted in a meteoric rise through the ranks. At present he is the 5th Ranking Democratic in Senate leadership. Engendering the trust and respect of his colleagues, Senator Parker was appointed Majority Whip and serves as Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy & Telecommunications with the added distinction of being its longest serving member.

Kevin's Platform

The COVID-19 pandemic has left New York City in one of the most tumultuous crises in history. With proper leadership, we can emerge as a city that is stronger and more equitable than ever before.  I am running for Comptroller to bring my leadership, experience, and expertise to the office to promote economic empowerment, job creation, affordable housing, inclusive growth, public safety, investment in our youth, public education, clean energy, financial literacy, public health, and empowerment of our public housing tenants. I will advance this agenda through targeted investment, comprehensive audits, advocating for funding, outreach programs, and the reviewing of contracts to ensure they make sense for all New Yorkers.  If you join me on this journey I know in my heart that together we can weather the storm and come out on the other side stronger than ever!

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